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20 Dec 2020

FLUX Blowpipe – Safeguard against moisture

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The FLUX Blowpipe works by stimulating the condensation of moisture within the Blowpipe, and harnessing the condensed moisture through a difference in pressure in an absorption chamber.

The FLUX Blowpipe is universal to every Bagpipe and is compatible with both natural and synthetic bags, thus does not require a zipper-bag or inner tube for use.

12 Dec 2020

New Fred Morrison Tune Book

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Fred Morrison has a bagpipe new tune book out… The Second Fred Morrison Collection…. with really great tunes ! In stock now!

Great Christmas stocking filler…. !!

22 Nov 2020

New arrival… the BandSpec REEDFiX

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The REEDFiX is a great tool for reviving pipe chanter reeds. When your pipe chanter reed starts sounding sharp and thin on the top hand or is too easy to blow you can use the REEDFiX to “FiX” it.

Check our website for further information and a link to youtube video:

15 Oct 2020

New Tune Book – 30 Exactly by Craig Muirhead

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Craig Muirhead is the author of the very successful Arranged Tune Book, a collection of modern tunes.

Now in stock

This new collection contains 31 traditional compositions, uncluding Marches, Strathspeys, Reels, Slow airs, Hornpipes and Jigs.

Craig is the Pipe Major of the National Youth Pipe Band of Scotland and is currently Piping Instructor for Strathallan Schools (2020).

08 Oct 2020

Bagpipe Name Tag – Now in blue

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Bagpiper Keyring. Can be attached to your bagpipe case for name identification (just write your name on the back of the keyring).