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18 May 2017

Coming soon…. The new Andante Core-tec Elite White Head

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With increasing demand for a High Tension White Head, Andante have over the last 6 months researched and developed the New Core-tec Elite White Head.

Several bands are presently trailing the head and the feedback from them over the last number of weeks has been extremely positive.

We hope to have the new Core-tec Elite White Head in sale soon… keep posted.

andantecoretecwhite andantewhitecoretect

01 May 2017

New – Bannaytne Dri-Flo Moisture Control System

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New – Bannaytne Dri-Flo Moisture Control System

Designed in a collaboration between Bannatyne Ltd and Willie McCallum. Pipers using this device have won first prizes at every senior professional event. There are several top players currently using the product, including Willie McCallum and Callum Beaumont, who are at the forefront of solo competing.

Bannatyne Dri-Flo Moisture Control System features include:

  • Longer playing time, keeps drone reeds and drones dry
  • Excellent Air Flow to drones with unaffected drone volume
  • Lightweight compared to other systems
  • Easy visual check when gels need dried
  • Starts and Stops are straightforward with no valves
  • Easy to Install and Remove
  • Suitable for any climate
  • Gels have 70% absorption giving longer playing time in between drying
  • No dust particles
  • Strong flexible hoses prevent collapsing

The device is also versatile in that it can be used successfully in a pipe band situation and starts and stops do not pose any issues.

bannatyne dri-flo moisture control