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28 Feb 2017

How to fit the Moose Blowpipe Valve and the Ross Blowpipe valve

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How to fit the Moose Blowpipe Valve and Ross Blowpipe Valve. Both are non-return blowpipe valves that are fitted to the blowpipe stock of your bagpipe.


24 Feb 2017

New – Breathable Glengarry Pouch

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The Breathable Glengarry Pouch is a practical (breathable) storage pouch to keep your glengarry clean.

Often enough the glengarry is kept in a pipe case or a drum case and gathers dirt, dust and fluff. The glengarry pouch will help keep your glengarry clean. It can be used when the glengarry is wet (rain, sweat) as the fabric is breathable.

Size: 36 cm x 16 cm (fits all glengarry sizes)

glengarry pouch 1glengarry pouch 1glengarry pouch 1

14 Feb 2017

New – High Resonance Balance Tone Drone Reeds

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The new High Resonance Balance Tone Drone Reeds for a brighter and stable sound. These reeds produce higher harmonics which help enrichen the chanter sound.

New Balance Tone Reeds

New Balance Tone Reeds

11 Feb 2017

New – R.G. Hardie Deluxe Bagpipe Cases

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The brand new R.G. Hardie Deluxe bagpipes cases are in stock now:

The Deluxe Bagpipe Case is the ultimate backpack case for Bagpipes. A stylish bagpipe case, providing excellent protection for storing and travelling your precious bagpipes.

R.G. Hardie Deluxe Bagpipe Case

R.G. Hardie Deluxe Bagpipe Case

01 Feb 2017

New Kilt Hose Colours for 2017 !

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Weathered Brown and Burgundy are the latest additions to GaelicThemes kilt hose range. These exciting new colours have been carefully selected to complement and expand the existing range and reflect the changing trends in the marketplace.

The GaelicThemes coloured hose feature a high quality 3 ply yarn and their composition has been specially designed to provide unsurpassed comfort and durability for both recreational wear and competing bands alike.

new kilt hose