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24 Feb 2020

Bagpipe Chanter Reed Kife

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How to fit the blade on the bagpipe chanter reed knife

23 Feb 2020

NEW – BandSpec BLUE Reed Absorb

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If you spend time playing on your practice chanter you will know that after around 10 minutes of playing your practice chanter reed will cut out due to excess moisture building up around the practice chanter blades. This can be very annoying and often enough you’ll end up waisting time constantly blowing the wet out of the reed, time much better spent practicing!

Here’s a brilliant solution! The BandSpec BLUE Reed Absorb. Simply attach to the practice chanter reed and it will soak up the moisture that would normally build up around the practice chanter reed, enabling you to practice for much longer. It really is magic! See the Video Demonstration .–:p216115:c160:len.html

08 Feb 2020

Chris Armstrong THE COLLECTION

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USB Flashdrive in stock now!

The Collection is a new pipe music collection from Chris published in digital format. With over 70 new compositions and arrangements there is plenty of material to broaden your repertoire. The tunes are linked to the titles in the contents page making it easier to navigate on a computer, tablet or even a smartphone when you’re on the go!

USB Flashdrive in stock now!

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