15 Sep 2018

The White Mambas Drone Reeds

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New to the market after a year of trials, the MG (McCallum-Grossart) white mambas, as they have been nick named, are proven winners.

The introduction of the unique paddle shaped tenor tongues to the bagpipe reeds, give improved stability and strike in.

In comparison to the original carbons, they are a little livelier, however do not have the over buzz normally associated with carbon-tongued reeds.

Now available to order

26 Jul 2018

Closed for the summer holidays

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We will be on holiday from the 30th July 2018 until the 15th August 2018. 

Our shop will be closed during this period.

We will continue to accept online orders during our summer holiday. These orders will be processed when we return on the 16th August.

Last day of shipping before we close for the holidays will be Friday the 27th July. Our shop will be open on Saturday the 28th July.

Thank your for your understanding and happy holidays!

09 Jul 2018

It’s NEW….. it’s COOL…… The McCallum CEOL Chanter

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The new McCallum Ceol chanter is now available and for a short period only at an amazing introductory price….

Offer only as long as stocks last!!!


08 Jun 2018

Bagpipe Hemp in colour

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Bagpipe hemp is now available in various colours to match your kilt or bagpipe cover.

Time to re-hemp your bagpipes? Then go for colour!

12 May 2018

Now in stock – Bflat Balance Tone Drone Reeds

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When playing the bagpipes with other musicians (brass, folk, orchestra etc.) you will need to tune your bagpipes to Bflat at 440 Hz concert pitch. You will require a suitable chanter (e.g. McCallum Bflat Chanter or Shepherd Orchestral Chanter) and depending on your bagpipe set-up, you may also require a suitable set of drone reeds to tune to this lower pitch.

Some drone reeds can be adjusted and tweaked to tune to a lower pitch; some drone reeds are not made to tune at this pitch. Having a set of Bflat drone reeds to suite your Bflat (440 Hz) chanter is very convenient and saves time.

The Bflat drone reeds from Balance Tone are specifically desinged to tune your drones in Bflat at 440 Hz.

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